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BTI Biotechnology Institute presents the first book on the regenerative medicine technique that will change the future of sport and orthopaedics

Today, Eduardo Anitua, founder and Scientific director of BTI Biotechnology Institute, along with Mikel Sánchez, traumatologist and director of the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit of the USP Clinic in Vitoria, in collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), presented the book "A new biological approach to orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine".

It is the first work that contains all the knowledge developed during over 15 years of research and clinical practice with Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, with particular emphasis on the revolutionary advances achieved in sports medicine and orthopaedics.

The presentation of the book, which took place at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), was also attended by Alejandro Blanco, President of the COE and Theresa Zabell, Vice-President of the COE, authors of the prologues to the book.

The prestigious Spanish doctors and researchers have revealed in this book all the secrets of this technique, which is set to become a huge milestone in regenerative medicine at a global level. "We sometimes forget the great talent there is in the field of scientific research in Spain, and as a result, we are letting many opportunities escape. Investment in R&D&i is the driving force behind economic and social growth, and this book is a great example of this", comments Eduardo Anitua.

On his part, Alejandro Blanco adds "Today sport is one of the references of the Spain brand. Without the research work in sports medicine such as that carried out by Doctors Anitua and Sánchez this would not be possible". "They contribute towards protecting our sports persons and shorten their recovery times, something that is not only good for sport, but also for society as a whole", he concludes.

After the official presentation, Spain's best traumatologists gathered at the round table to debate about the significance of regenerative medicine in orthopaedics, traumatology and sports medicine. Thus, the round table, which was chaired by Theresa Zabell and moderated by Ramón Cugat, Director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of Quirón Hospital in Barcelona, was attended by important figures from the worlds of medicine and sports such as Ángel Villamor, Alfonso del Corral, Paco Angulo or Jose María Villalón among others.

The book: "A new biological approach to orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine".

In its 352 pages, this book includes the results of a dynamic and translational research, which goes from the laboratory to the clinic, returning again to the laboratory. In addition, it is markedly multidisciplinary in nature, as it includes the participation of many clinical experts, as well as a wide range of preclinical researchers.

As a result of the excellent reception that plasma rich in growth factors has had among elite sports persons around the world, who have placed their trust in it to shorten their recovery processes after surgical operations or injuries, the back cover of the book was dedicated in full to them. Thus, sportsmen such as Rafael Nadal or Fernando Llorente have left their mark on the book, including a statement about their perception and experience with this technology.

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, when the body heals itself.

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, is a technology developed and patented by Eduardo Anitua and BTI Biotechnology Institute to encourage the regeneration and repair of tissues. With the application of plasma rich in growth factors the physiological mechanisms that are spontaneously triggered in all tissues when an injury occurs are imitates and accelerated by up to 40%. With this technique the destroyed or deteriorated tissue is regenerated with new tissue, in a natural way, but in much less time than with traditional treatments and without side-effects.

Until now, several thousand patients have been successfully treated with plasma rich in growth factors, and its benefits can be seen in many fields of medicine such as in the treatment of knee arthritis, eye lesions, diabetic ulcers, or cosmetic medicine, among others.

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