Dentistry and oral surgery - Oral surgery

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


Oral surgery is the orthodontic speciality responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and restoration of certain dental pathologies, such as the extraction teeth with or without the root, frenulum removal, the excision of cysts or small oral or maxillary tumours, and the interventions that must be performed on some occasions as prior conditioning of the tissues for fitting dental implants (pre-prosthetic surgery).

If you want, you can request the application of sedatives during any of these interventions. The clinic has a team of anaesthetists to carry this out. Conscious sedation is a technique where drugs are administered to the patient (intravenously) to achieve a state of relaxation such that it allows them to collaborate with the odontologist but in such a relaxed state that the patient lives the experience in a comfortable manner.


Extraction of impacted teeth or remnants of roots

Frenulum removal

Excision of cysts and oral and maxillofacial tumours

Tissue regeneration prior to oral restoration (pre-prosthetic surgery)

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