Dentistry and oral surgery - Dietetics nutrition

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


The Nutrition and Dietetics Unit allows us to study the patient's eating habits, determining possible excesses or deficiencies that could be affecting both their oral and general health. When we talk about Nutrition and Dietetics, we refer to two different and complementary concepts, without which good health cannot be achieved:

When talking about Nutrition, we refer to all the substances that must be provided by our daily intake of food to cover the needs that each human being has at a certain moment in their life. These needs vary depending on each individual, on their physical activity and even on their state of health.

The word Dietetics derives from the Greek word díaita, which means “mode of life”, and points out the importance of carrying out planning to maintain the harmony of a system, paying attention to all its aspects. Therefore, dietetics will take into account an endless list of concepts and details that make the daily nourishment of the human being possible and pleasant, bearing in mind their personal characteristics and covering all aspects of eating.

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