Dentistry and oral surgery - Oral lesions

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


Oral lesions are explored within a field of odontology called “oral medicine”. Within this speciality patients are treated for diseases that affect the oral mucosa (tongue, inside of cheeks, gums, etc...) in addition to other patients who have systemic diseases (that affect the whole organism) and which affect the mouth.

At our clinic we have an oral Medicine service where we offer patients the latest technologies and the latest treatment protocols to achieve the best treatment and follow-up of oral lesions.

The exploration of the oral mucosa is key to detect certain oral lesions that can go unnoticed as they do not produce symptoms, detecting in their early stages diseases that can transform themselves into malignant pathologies, putting the patient's life at risk.

An exploration of the oral mucosa can help our patients enormously and we recommend it is done at least once every year, particularly in patients who smoke, drink alcohol or who have systemic diseases.

The early detection of oral cancer is also a task carried out by our oral medicine team, of vital importance just like in other fields of medicine. An early diagnosis can offer the patient a better prognosis or even reduce the treatment they have to undergo.

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