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Oral implantology began with the discovery of osseointegration, with which a titanium implant can be inserted into the patient's bone (like the root of a tooth) which, after a period of time, is perfectly integrated into the bone structure of the patient's mouth. Prostheses on dental implants allow the patient to chew with total comfort and smile and speak with the same security as with their own teeth.

Currently, all quality implants are made of titanium, a unique material that is deemed fully satisfactory for the osseointegration of implants in the mouth, in addition to being the biocompatible material that best responds over the years.

At the Eduardo Anitua Clinic we use an extremely high quality dental implant system (BTI Implant System) in conjunction with the surgical techniques and plasma rich in growth factors, which accelerates the process of healing and regeneration of the tissues (bone and gums), reducing pain and the risk of infection, inflammation and post-surgical complications, thus accelerating the recovery time.

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If you want, you can request the application of sedatives during any of these interventions. The clinic has a team of anaesthetists to carry this out. Conscious sedation is a technique where drugs are administered to the patient (intravenously) to achieve a state of relaxation such that it allows them to collaborate with the odontologist but in such a relaxed state that the patient lives the experience in a comfortable manner.


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