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This is a chronic disease caused by bacteria that commonly live in our mouths, but that have grown excessively due to the individual disposition of the patient (it is sometimes hereditary), or due to poor hygiene. The progression of the disease is cyclical, with periodical outbreaks that cause the destruction of the tissues that support the tooth.

In healthy gums there is a firm and stable seal around the tooth that prevents bacteria getting into the soft tissues and the bone around the tooth. When periodontal disease occurs, this seal is weakened or lost and the bacteria and their waste products cause the inflammation of the gingival tissues and the reabsorption of the bone that supports the tooth, making scaling and root planing necessary to recover the stability of the gingival tissue and to seal it around the tooth eliminating all signs of inflammation in the tissue that supports it.

If you want, you can request the application of sedatives during any of these interventions. The clinic has a team of anaesthetists to carry this out. Conscious sedation is a technique where drugs are administered to the patient (intravenously) to achieve a state of relaxation such that it allows them to collaborate with the odontologist but in such a relaxed state that the patient lives the experience in a comfortable manner.


Types of periodontal disease

Risk factors

Warning signs

First symptoms


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