Dentistry and oral surgery - Endodontics

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


Caries is a destructive process that affects the hard tissues of the teeth. It originates in the external layer (enamel) and if it is not treated, it continues progressing to the innermost layer (dentin) finally affecting the tissue located inside the teeth (pulp) and causing an infection at this level.

When the caries reaches this tissue or an area very close to it, a conventional filling is not possible as the infection and therefore the bacteria have come into contact with this tissue and can even penetrate to the bone around the radicular apex (the end of the root). The material used for the filling making contact with the pulp tissue would cause pain as the bacteria and their waste products would be trapped in a completely enclosed space without the possibility of inflammatory or healing by itself.

Endodontics is used in this situation to eliminate the dental pulp and the infection within it due to the transfer of the germs that cause caries to the interior of the tooth. When the dental pulp the tooth loses its vitality and sensitivity. Then the pulp cavity is filled three-dimensionally with a specific biocompatible material to seal it and provide resistance to the root. The crown is restored finally with a filling, inlays or a crown depending on the extent of the destruction in the tooth.

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