Dentistry and oral surgery - Orthodontics

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


Orthodontics is the speciality of the odontology aimed at diagnosing, preventing and treating facial and dental positioning irregularities. Its objective is to correct badly positioned teeth, improving the aesthetics of one's smile and providing good chewing function. Orthodontic treatment requires corrective appliances to be worn, to move the teeth, lips and maxillary bones to their correct alignment and thus achieve a perfect facial and functional balance.

The Anitua Dental Clinic has professionals that work with the latest techniques and technologies from time to patient comfort and shorten treatment, bearing in mind the masticatory function and facial aesthetics.


The significance of facial aesthetics in orthodontic treatment

At what age is it possible to start orthodontic treatment?

Causes of orthodontic problems

Ortodoncia infantil: la ventaja de ser niño

Orthodontics in adults


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