Dentistry and oral surgery - Exodontics

Eduardo Anitua Clinic


Exodontics consists of the extraction of teeth. It is the last resource in odontology.

The most frequent reasons for tooth extraction are caries and periodontal disease. Other causes must also be considered, such as: teeth that fracture longitudinally, teeth that do not come in (including wisdom and canine teeth), extra teeth that hinder the other teeth coming in properly (supernumerary), positional anomalies, temporary teeth, teeth related to cysts and tumours, remains of roots, for orthodontic reasons, teeth with the source of an untreatable infection, etc.

This can be a simple or surgical extraction depending on the location, anatomy of the tooth to remove or the significant anatomical structures around it.

Care after an extraction:

  • Do not chew on the side of the extracted tooth.
  • Do not eat small foods or foods with small seeds (e.g. tomatoes).
  • Do not consume hot or very cold foods or liquids for 24h.
  • Apply a cool pack to your face (externally) in the area of the extraction for the first 12 hours after the procedure.

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