Dentistry and oral surgery - Interview eduardo anitua radio vitoria

Eduardo Anitua Clinic

Interview with Eduardo Anitua at Radio Vitoria

Interview carried out on last 7th May with Eduardo Anitua during the radio programme "Plaza Nueva" by Radio Vitoria.

During the interview, Eduardo explains what the main fields of research carried out by BTI are, oral implantology and regenerative medicine. He also explains what plasma rich in growth factors is, how it is obtained and how it is applied. In this respect, the aim is to try to accelerate the organism's response when faced with adversities, actively incorporating biological mediators.

He also places emphasis on the resources that BTI dedicates exclusively to research, with over 50 professionals, to continue to develop techniques that improve the quality of life of patients. The results of the plasma rich in growth factors obtained in the field of orthopaedics are spectacular, as well as in odontology and oral surgery.

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