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Eduardo Anitua Clinic

Dr. Eduardo Anitua, awarded the Dentist of the Year Prize by the Spanish School of Dentists

Dr. Eduardo Anitua, founder and scientific director of BTI Biotechnology Institute, has been awarded the Dentist of the Year Prize, awarded by the Spanish Dental Foundation during the Gala Dinner of the School of Dentists held on Friday 14 December.

The award is given to odontologists and stomatologists who stand out thanks to their contribution to the improvement, development and promotion of the profession. On this occasion, the distinctions have gone to Dr. Pere Harster Nadal, who was awarded the Santa Apolonia Prize for his contribution to odontology, and Dr. Eduardo Anitua, who was recognised for the importance of his achievements in the defence of oral health. The award primarily acknowledges his research work in oral implantology and regenerative medicine at the clinic bearing his name.

The gala, attended by important figures of the profession, also reserved a space to support the different projects of social odontology, such as those carried out at the Luis Seiquer Social Odontology Foundation and the South Mozambique Foundation, to which the General Board of Spanish Dentists donated more than €20,000.

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