Dentistry and oral surgery - Bti sponsors the mars gaming northabout expedition

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BTI sponsors the Mars Gaming Northabout Expedition to the Arctic

Driven by British explorer David Hempleman-Adams, the Mars Gaming Northabout Expedition is a cultural and travel initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the need to combat climate change.

To this end, a team of specialists in various disciplines, several belonging to the Geographic Society "La Exploradora de Vitoria", will travel on the Northabout sailing boat, trying to reach latitudes never before achieved by a ship of this nature and documenting the impact of warming On the ecosystems and the life of the Inuit.

The trip will begin on July 14, and the expedition will be completed by the Victorians Miguel Gutiérrez-Garitano, historian and explorer (expedition director), doctor of the expedition María Valencia Basaldua and photographer Rafael Gutiérrez-Garitano, all of them with wide experience in expeditions and exploration trips.




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